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Natural Energy & FocusNatural Energy & FocusNatural Energy & Focus

Move with Strength

Move with Strength

Move with StrengthMove with StrengthMove with Strength

Ancient remedies with modern science

Ancient remedies with modern science

Ancient remedies with modern scienceAncient remedies with modern scienceAncient remedies with modern science
Dock Walkers Natural Pain Relief Is My Magic Cream


We all need a little boost to reach our goals, whether it's a 5 km run, landing that next trick or just living the dock life. 

Dock Walkers™ is a natural topical cream designed to help you move past the restrictions of pain with organic ingredients that help to maximize the full potential of the body to reduce inflammation and build strength. 


It's simple, we want you to get FREE shipping on all of your purchases so just be the Rad Dock Walker you are and give a friend some natural pain relief.

Recover Faster With Dock Walkers Powerful Pain Relief

Dock Walkers™ Powerful Pain Relief is a fast-acting, long lasting natural pain relief formula designed to bring you therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant using organic non-cannabis plant oils.  


We developed Dock Walkers Powerful Pain Relief not as an alternative to current medical practices, but as something that would be complementary to help people get back to what we all need to do daily, MOVE. 

Dock Walkers' proprietary union of relaxing menthol and eight organic essential oils provide an uplifting warming sensation to deliver our pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties deeply into your joints and muscles, balancing your inflammation and reducing the severity of your pain to help you get back your natural movement and rebuild your strength. 


Natural Energy and Focus

Cognition and Performance

LifeSpice Cacao Mushroom Blend is an antioxidant, immune-boosting, cognitive-enhancing blend designed with organic ingredients sought after by human civilizations for their performance and health benefits for centuries. 

Combining the warm flavours of cacao, cinnamon, and ginger with organic mushroom extracts to help reduce stress, restore and sustain performance while maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.  

This harmonious blend will keep you focused and relaxed in every part of your day. 

Scoop half a tbsp and drop it into 8 oz of hot water  approx. 80°C. Add whatever your heart desires. We like it sweet with a little honey and coconut oil. 

You could try it blended or frothed with your favorite milk. Ok, now that we’ve got that sorted, mix it up and enjoy it like the Spice Guru your were born to be. 

Every cup of Life contains over 1 gram of 1:1 organic mushroom extracts. 

Organic cacao, organic turmeric, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic ginger, organic lion’s mane (fruiting body, cultivated) extract, organic chaga (sclerotium, wildcrafted) extract, organic cordyceps (fruiting body, cultivated) extract, organic reishi (fruiting body, cultivated) extract, Himalayan salt, organic black pepper, organic nutmeg

Purveyors of High Quality Natural Health Products

Higgins and Phillips Innovations Inc. is a licensed manufacturer of natural health products under Health Canada,  Site License Number: 302245


The organic spices and organic medicinal mushrooms found in our LifeSpice Cacao Mushroom Blend have gone through The Higgins and Phillips Innovations’ Source, Purity and Testing Validation Protocol to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products. Our protocol includes complete review and approval from our Quality Assurance Manager of third party laboratory testing of raw ingredients and the final product which includes microbial testing for bacteria, yeast and mold, e. Coli, coliform, and testing for heavy metals and pesticide that exceeds USP standards.  

Verified and Secured