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Recover Faster With Dock Walkers Powerful Pain Relief


We all need a little boost to reach our goals, whether it's a 5 km run, landing that next trick or just living the dock life. 

Dock Walkers™ is a topical cream designed to help you move past the restrictions of pain with organic ingredients that help to maximize the full potential of the body to reduce inflammation and build strength. 


It's simple, we want you to get FREE shipping on all of your purchases so just be the Rad Dock Walker you are and give a friend some natural pain relief.

Move With Strength Along Dock Walkers Natural Path 


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Move with Strength Along Dock Walkers Natural Path

Dock Walkers™ Powerful Pain Relief is a fast-acting, long lasting natural pain relief formula designed to bring you the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant using organic non-cannabis plant oils. 

Dock Walkers™ captures precise and effective concentrations of these components to provide you with pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and cytoprotective properties to help you get back your natural movement.  


A Cup of life to give you natural energy and focus

LifeSpice™ is an antioxidant, immune-boosting, cognitive-enhancing blend designed with organic ingredients sought after by human civilizations for their performance and health benefits for centuries. 

LifeSpice™ Antioxidant Spice and Mushroom Blend

Our Life blend of organic spices and mushrooms will uplift your morning coffee or tea to a new level. To truly express its full range of flavour and chocolaty deliciousness, enjoy it on it's own with coconut oil in hot water.

Check out our full list of recipes on our blog 

LifeSpice™ combines the micronutrients and antioxidant flavour profiles of COCAO, CEYLON CINNAMON, GINGER, NUTMEG, HIMALAYAN SALT and BLACK PEPPER with the neuronal support, immune boosting, and performance enhancing properties of LION'S MANE, CORDYCEPS, REISHI and CHAGA.

Every cup of Life contains 1 gram of organic mushroom extracts.

A Cup of Life to Give You Natural Energy and Focus

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